NARW and You – A Winning Combination

With a history deeply rooted in auto racing, NARW continues that tradition by sponsoring several cars. Specializing in chassis development, as well as engine and transaxle prep, NARW prides itself on maximizing the handling potential of a car. Whether you are on a budget or are a money-is-no-object racer, NARW can build you a race winner. If you are interested in learning more about racing, NARW offers occasional in-house tech sessions. If you're looking to take your Porsche on the track, NARW is a sanctioned Porsche Owner's Club tech station. Make an appointment to have your car signed off before you get to the track and save yourself some time on race day.

NARW Team 914

The underdog reigns supreme! These two similarly preped 2.0L 4 cylinder 914s are pitted against 911's and 914/6's with easily twice their horsepower. As a testiment to NARW's race winning preparation and setup experience, not to mention Klaus and Ron's driving skills, these cars are top finishers. In June of 2003, Klaus took 1st in class and 2nd overall in the HSR West Motul 2.0 Litre Challenge at the California Speedway in Fontana. He finished 1st in class for the 2003 racing season. In March 2004 he took 1st overall at the California Speedway.

Klaus Holthaus
1974 914/4

Ron Carlack
1974 914/4
Photos Courtesy of Tim Henry, Daniel Lazzlo and Jeffrey Love


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