Full Service Facility

is equipped to handle all your service requirements. From minor to major service, suspension modifications for street or track, race preparation as well as complete engine and transmission overhauls.

You can be absolutely confident that NARW
not only meets, but in most cases exceeds Porsche's own stringent standards.

To keep up with the latest Porsche technology, we are one of the few shops that employ the latest electronic testing equipment. With our Porsche-Approved Bosch SystemTester, our technicians are able to instantly check all electronic managment controls– heating and air conditioning, ABS brakes, air bags, Tiptronic, fuel injection, alarms, and all sensors and relays. The Bosch SystemTester is one more way that NARW can spot the real problem quicker. And fix it faster.

It's all part of NARW. Where you'll find a higher level of service for your high performance car.





Tel. 818.881.1222 – 7355 Canby Ave., Reseda, CA 91335